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The World is changing at a rapid pace. Automation is making a huge impact and causing a gap between current skill set and what Industry needs. We are moving towards an era of Artificial Intelligence. Keeping this in mind, GoLearn is providing practically oriented Machine learning and deep learning courses using Python, R & Hadoop. Join us to be prepared for the change!

About GoLearn Analytics

GoLearn Analytics is run by experts with rich experience in the IT and data analytics Industry. We offer a definite edge in your career by teaching the latest and most sought after technologies like machine learning.
Our unique value proposition is to bridge the gap between the user’s current skills and Industry needs. This puts our customers on a lead by making them Industry ready from the day they complete the course.

For Colleges

GoLearn aims in bringing out revolution in IT and Analytics space across the globe by identifying and promoting the right technology to students. Our courses are designed by Industry experts.We offer a multitude of opportunities to Students by encouraging better learning ecosystems through A Continuous support and mentorship provided by our Subject Matter Experts.

For Corporate Companies

We also identify and supply Subject Matter Experts to Corporate Companies based on their specific training needs.
Our Instructors are specialized in Big Data & Analytics technologies comprising Hadoop, Spark, R programming, Machine Learning, Python, Kafka, Splunk, Mongo DB, Cassandra etc

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Instructor-Led Online Training

Instructor-led online training facilitates learners to learn in an online environment driven by interactive chat methodology. Our Learning management system helps you to access the course contents and class recording whenever you want.

  • Courses tailored according to the Industry needs and the best learning methodologies.
  • Conduct hands-on activities in the class itself.
  • Access to Learning Management System with Course contents, class videos and assignments.
  • Exclusive cloud environment with real-life data sets and tools.
  • Continuous performance monitoring and a scorecard analysis will be provided to you showcasing your strengths and gaps which can be shown to your employer.

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